Ja Fool

50 Cent

(50 Cent)

Intro: Yo it's G-Unit Up In Here. Another Diss track for You Bitch Ass Niggaz.
We aint payin for this shit man. Be reasonable.

(Music Starts, The Next episode Beat)

Tony Yayo:

La La La La La
It's the Mothafucking G-Unit
La La La La La
U better not abuse it

Yo this game is called hip-hop, only bout making cash
Irv Gotti all tied up between Ashanti and his stash
Ja Fool is never on time
Thats why hes never in the studio making real rhymes
Mitsubishi Tah, Judy Sack and Crackchild
U call That Murda, I say U better go back, child
This game aint for u, let alone your servants
watch your mouth unless you want to get blasted all the way to Harlem
MURDA!!!!! Ya'll aint never killed a flea
The only people that died was the Murderers with H.I.V.
Ja You Pussy.

Lloyd Banks:

La La La La La
It's The Realist Killaz reppin NYC
La La La La La
Yo Better watch it before I send My Heat

Yo, I've been in this game before your Mama was changin diapers
You can call me a veteran, or a lean mean sniper
I'll take three shots at your boys leave em gasping
Don't blame me though, it was 50 who was thrashing
Rap aint about the hoez or all the great cars
It's about killin your enemies in less than eight barz
G-G-G- G Unit, guess you are tired of that phrase
Well I'm not Irv i don't Hire Murda Gays
When I got shot in September
It wasn't your gunz, It was the puss paintball gun you lent her
Don't let m catch you wondering around my home
I carry a 45 with me in case I need to pop some drones

Yeah...G-G-G- G Unit

Nigga dont try nuttin.


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