Ghetto Superstar

50 Cent

You gonna like this one!
New 50 Cent!!
We call this one... "Ghetto Superstar!"

[Chorus: x2]
Now i shouldnt have to tell you,
You should know i'm a superstar!
Now bitch come grab a bag be a part of my Entourage!
Now once i say G-Unit you should know just who we are,
Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, 50 Cent, we the superstars

[Verse 1:]
Let's rock n roll baby, Lock n load baby,
You thinki i aint runnin the show run the show, you got 2 be crazy,
I explode on the scene, like crack in the 80's
Rather catch a slug, then let a nigga play me
Im the don of NY, bow down to your highness
or Go against the grain, and get moved on with llamas
Rappers keep sayin, they bringin NY back,
I aint go no where, I AM NY JACK!
I should buy a plane and write it in the sky
50 run this mother fucker, cock suckers!
In the back of the Phantom playing songs from the map
With a model bitch bobbin and weavin in my lap
It's up and down baby, up and down..
I like dat.. yeah.. i like dat
Anyway, Anyday, we could play, it's ok,
we could lay by the bay in LA i'll pay
smoke a tray, sniff the yay
she could stay, here with me
we can catch a matinee, or... fly away

We could go 2 Vegas, Hang out with some of my friends ya know? I got some really, really, rich friends man. real rich friends. Floyd Mayweather, the champ. We should go hang out with him. u know, the strip clubs or somethin.


I'm a ghetto star, started out with less than nothin
Got a little money now i'm on 2 somethin
You know a special man need a special woman
The type before you call, she already comin
You know the kind to listen when u tellin her somethin
First sign of a problem, she aint runnin
Buy her expensive shit, she don't want it
Sounds like i wouldn't need a prenup don't it?

Now that, that, that's hot right there. U know what i'm sayin? Man i'm feelin me right now man. I'm really feelin me right now. Matter of fact... i'm lovin me right now. U know what i mean? I'd like 2 just run down 2 the Justice of peace and marry me right now.. blah blah blah... im tired of typing


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