G-Unit Anthem

50 Cent

(Chorus) 2x

G-Unit in tha House (wut nigga wut)
G-Unit in tha House (wut wut wut )
G-Unit in tha House (wut nigga wut)

Tony Yayo:

In my hood u get no points for your jumpshot
as soon as the sun rise, we back on the block
success got me feelin like an old man
so i stay on point for that red and gold van
its the free lance performer YaYo be a pro
and the flows been hot, since G.I. Joe
my flow have you rotting, like Raw in the Street
so freaks gimme ass like toilet seats
get at me, you really think u holding big daddy?
so wheres ur in door courts, and bowling ally?
i got heart like a hoover crip,but bust slugs like an EngleWood
i mengle wit Thugs, u see me dont budge
import, export get rid of tha drugs
styll pack my Dope up witta mass of some gloves
i use to have 8-balls in my 8-Ball jacket
now i dawg lex coops, like dukes and luke of Hazard

(chorus ) 2x

Lloyd Banks:

I put carpet Burns on these Waxters these days
'til they need bandages on they knees like Pat Ewings Legs
im always wit ya bitches
only way i get blue balls, is if a bitch had blue lipstick
u broke rob more blocks
u aint gotta know how to break dance, to whind up on a card
board box
Gucci down to my sock, groupies roundin my cock
different format, keep groupies round for tha cops
she'll be down for tha watch, i aint generous or courtieous
i'm running from a dirty bitch, nigga you thirty-six
ya'll dont want it with tha kid at all
same shit, bigger bathrooms my niggaz ball
when we come after u, it aint no graze shots
this nigga leave a HOLE in ya chest bigger than flava-Flave Pops
you pussy, i think even Pac can smell this shit
cause on the inside you softer than a mozerella stick (bitch)

(chorus) 2x

50 Cent:

I'm the leader of the New School now nigga wut!
4-4 pull out tear yo bitch ass up
i pop-rob nigga front i out my knife in yo gut
have you in I.C.U screaming AHH! i'm cut
i go RAH-RAH, like a dungeon dragon
but i keep my pistol on me so my pants aint sagging
everytime i'm in the place, niggaz grill a nigga
but they feel a nigga, cuz i'll kill a nigga
OOH squeeze, shorty better stay out my lane
before i send one of my soldiers to blow out ur brain
ima General (wut!) niggaz solute me
u a dead man if u attempt to shoot me
i done lost some of my brain watchin military flicks
got the whole G-Unit on some Military shit
(Private Banks request permission to speak)
Speak Nigga!
its dangerous when its decipline involving street niggaz!!

Close Chorus 2x


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