Funk Flex

50 Cent

funk flex yeah
g unit
you understand whats about to happen

nigga guess whos bazack its not beanie seagel J hoe
50 cent yah niggas should know
so let me relapse
run up on your ass wit the fours
punk nigga i dun told you before

Verse 1:
Fuck being in a cage man that shit for the birds
i do my dirt in the hood but i live in the burbs
when you talk be carefull how you choose your words
cause i send niggas that put your fucking brains in the curb
am i my brothers keeper? yes i am
nigga you know you get low you see that gun in my hand
G unit
dont go fucking with my soldiers boy
if you get layed out
i'm a sya i told you boy
i see you rollin wit twenty niggas
we rollin wit twenty guns
16 hollos is loaded in everyone
i know you slow so i do the math
thats 320 shels flying at your ass
you spend alot of time talking bout how you roll out
when you get hit you gonna run until you fall down
i guess you didn't think we was down to go all out
once again you was wrong
you aint know the shit we on
my money getting long
now my team is getin strong
im gone (gone)

(chorus x2)


Guess whos back

50 Cent

and im back to act a strapa

funk flex

king pin style

make me crush somethin

make me bust somethin

i want you to!


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