50 Cent



yo yo

I need no introduction everybody
heard of 50 cent and heard of g-unit
Im not high tech and im not qualy
You see me in the club
you better tell the bouncers to treat me special
Im somebody
Cause I get on that jet, in 5 minutes flat
niggas a come back, shoot up ya party
if i dont have fun, no body havin' none
im tryin' to holla at ya, come here... shorty
shout out to my nigga juvy, wack go skip
buck, my niggas from new orleans rawty
if we on the same page, when you see me on stage
you gunna throw ya hands up, and you gunna applaud me
you know how i get, im on that bullshit... nigga... nigga

I Run around with the tray - like its a sport
Call my name in the bitch, when i sit in the court
I got a million dollar smile and a fist full of peso's
and the wrist so white, so you could light up a stage show
in the club, nigga i stay holin
cause im on point for those wolves in sheep clothin
i play the ball with a double shot of henny
cause after this spot, its cheetahs and mg's
short if ya feel a nigga, call me

Hey you aint gotta like me, thats cool
I don't give a fuck, by only time
It gunna put me in a bigger truck
fuck kids, it aint my turn to be stressed
a bitch worst nightmare is a paternity test
im too young to be faithful
if money means love, i hate you
i only trip on the first of april
holler at me if you thugged out shorty
ready to fight you, dice for the blunt and pull the slub out for
n if you're not, don't even call me

*Gun Shots*


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