Banks Workout Part II

50 Cent

i hear allot of talking, niggas must be mad at banks,
theres only one problem you niggas aint as bad as banks
nigga you stunt, you will get shot down,
da pump will crak ur cranium ggggg unit
you move ill blow ur brain


niggas dont want war they just mad cause they walk around frontin and i walk around stuntin
why you think da long pump is in da trunk for
if you really want something ill show up at your front door, i know my history , my family tree, im gettin madder fuck livin poor cause negativity spreads faster

smoking out da jar, scoping out da bar distracted by some shoety, breasts pokin out her bra
start thinking you gangsta cause you hit a park yellow van, act hard but ur hart made of marshmellows man
talk tough but get cuffed and talking man
every day i gotta new bitch and when im done it looks like she dived head first in a pool wid it
you know im gonna end up dead trying to prove shit
ill put chalk around ur head like a pool stick
i gotta keep glocks on my waist
im hungry like a south african with flys stuck my face
catch me in a truck full of base
remember im a bachelor ill pop back in ya face
either pop my e or get ur face dump
the only trigger you touch is on a gas pump
i got my own personal slave she really knows how to work it, she dont wear alot but when she does its purple and i know you wanna fuck me but
when i aim the exit wound will be the size of a hockey puck i really hold da rubber and ill send sparks atcha

g unit wats up right know da gucci cloth
u gotta come a little harder you wear jerseys but
mine is a throwback yours is a starter
ya records will nver blow mine will
shorty know thats why she foaming in da grill
like the house on haunted hill
i dont talk around a snich, dont clound around a bitch
ja rule ya mums a rat and when i see her ill swing my bat ha ha ha


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