50 Cent

[50 talking]
Yeah come on now
Y´all gonna make fifty mad
And you don´t wanna see me mad

I keep hearin´niggas is happy, the D´s come, niggas
wit guns
When I´m out on bail, ridin´wit´some new ones
My honey told me to snitch the style up
Got 4 cats sent to jail, cause i told the cops
Noe i gotta new diamond watch, and i wear vests on the
I´ma snitch till im rich and theres no changin that
I used to sold crack? have to be a fool to believe
They got my wearin vests and now im wearing them all
the time
Did you just do a crime? Fifty´s droppin the dime
When i get in jail the cops lemme right out
Cause i snitched on my best friend(Eminem saying "thats right")
It don´t take long, for my snitchin to sink in

[Chorus- repeat 2x]
You´re thicker than water
Ouch!twizzy wizzy wa
You´re thicker than water
Ouch!twizzy wizzy wa
You´re thicker than water
Ouch!twizzy wizzy wa
You can be a Blood or a Crip
Nigga, you bitch
Follow me

[Tony Yayo]
I´m in the money green 7-45,with 7 shots in the fo´
Y´all niggas wanna die?
I got a love affair, wit´violence and guns
When I got O´d up, my heart turned colder
That´s why the mac react like a king cobra
Now I´m jumpin´out of Rovers, in Gucci loafers
Y´all niggas wanna stun? I´ll bury you cockroaches
Gimme one year, in this industry
I´ll buy enough guns to declare war on a smalll country


[Lloyd Banks]
Still walk around wit´the hammer boss
Rope and a cross
Hard times´ll make a lil´nigga hate Santa Claus
Your mountains is high, holdin´in Diana Ross
I´m like a 2003 banana Porsche
I don´t gotta hide sluts, to get your ties cut
My team in the cutt, packin´middle things
I got more foreign shoteers than the Sacramento Kings
It´s 8 class karats in the border
I poke holes in plastic, to avoid a vaginal disorder
I´m a savage on your daughter
She ain´t in the college dorm
Then I guess I´m squirtin´on the cabin that you
bought her
I´m a heavy weed smoker, so the average is a quarter
Brown colored from shit, he established in the water
You got Banks on your jersey, you part of my fan base
Just `cause you pour syrup on shit, don´t make it



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