So I Need You

3 Doors Down

Compositor: Arnol / Harrel / Henderson / Roberts

If you could step into my head,
tell me would you still know me
If you woke up in my bed,
tell me then would you hold me

Bridge 1: Or would you simply let it lie,
leaving me to wonder why
I can get you out of this head
I call mine And I will say

Refrão: Oh no I can't let you go,
my little girl
Because you're holding up my world,
so I need you
Your imitation of my walk and the perfect way you talk
It's just a couple of the million things that I love about you
So I need you,
so I need you,so I need you, so I need you

Verso 2: And if I jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge,
tell me would you still follow me
And if I made you mad today,
tell me would you love me tomorrow? Please

Bridge 2: Or would you say that you don't care,
and then leave me standing here
Like the fool who is drowning in despair and screamin'


I'm on my own I'm on my own I'm on my own



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