Resist The Temptation


Compositor: Tupac Amaru Shakur


Resist the temptation of the beast,
you'll slip and loose your grip
and forever fall a sleep.
The venom is contagious, beware of its spell
what you thought would be heaven, turn's out to be hell.
I wonder if she knows the devils taken off her clothes, deep into her soul
slow, now he's in control.
Poppas doing worse, a victim of the deadly curse
wouldn't be the first to leave the ghetto in a hurse,and oh how it hurts.
The children pay the biggest price,
never get the chance to grow up with a happy life.
Blame it on the rock, but we know that's a bunch of crap
someone's at the top supplying us with much crack.
Keep them in a daze,don't let them see the other way
let'em all get paid,wont live to see another day.
See they never got a breath of the sunshine,
now the kids addicted and only hit it one time.
We are destined to be dead as a nation,
don't let it come to this, resist the temptation.

Gamble for your soul with the devil
you wonder how low can you go, before you reach the lowest level.
As everybody sits and stares,
there's no use looking in you eyes cause there isn't anybody there.
And though it may make you wanna cry,
got you stealing from your family and you don't even know why.
I guess you think they will understand,
you feel cold, cause you sold your soul to the dopeman.
Now there's no turning back, in fact
it's decided that would live and die for the crack.
You got no friends cause you cheated them all,
you feel lonely,low,defeated and small.
No one was there when I took the wrong path,
and nobody cared if I died in a blood bath.
But is this my destiny?
tell the lord they got my mind, but he can have the rest of me.
Cause I'm ready to end it all,
one bullet to the brain, forgive my sins and all.
I didn't mean to be a bother,
a failure as a son, a husband and a father.
I wish I could turn back the time,
go back and let it find why I let it crack my mind.
And my only explanation, it came to this
resist the temptation.


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