Pray For Me


Ghetto life as a youngsta, we was gettin' by
Never imagined a picture, my mama gettin' high
But she was, sneakin' in gettin' her down low
Homies used to laugh behind my back, thinkin' i'd never know
But in time, I started to realize things ain't right
Mama sleepin' with a different man
Each & every night
Since my daddy died
Well, that's when the pressure came
Beggin' Lord
Down on my knees
Tell me who's to blame?
Was my father drug addicted?
That I never knew?
Feelin' luv with my mother now she addicted too
Full out of Hennessy, Lord, I can bearly breath
Found my mama on the floor
Now she an O.D
I call 911 fast, I can't let her die
Seen the trice in her arms
That's when I start to cry
They said my mama, would make it to another day
But how much longer will it be before she slips away?

Somebody pray for me (Now)
Somebody pray for me
Somebody pray....for meeee

I remember not being able to wear the clothes
The kids was wearin'
This time was rough
So me & my brother,we was sharin'
& mama knew that we own the same size
So his Levis was my Levis (hehe)
We even had to share the same tennis shoes
& when people baby-sit us
We caught the blues
That's when we learned ain't no love, like ur mama's love
It's a gift sent from heaven, some where up above
So I learned to value, my black queen
Even though now all I see, is a dope fiend
Why do people have to use drugs?
Are inspire
Remember lil' James Daw we caught him across the fire
What about my Uncle Rodnie died of an heart attack
Him & Kiana tell the Lord can we bring him back
My hommie Rodrick he thugged heavy till he droped
Atleast he got his wish
He finally met Pac
Pray for me


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