Pour Out A Little Liquor


Yah, Pour out a little liqour for ya homie nigga
This one here go out ot my nigga Mike Coolage
Light up fat one for this one
How you come up man?
Started young kickin dust and
livin' rough you watch you mouth around my mama
you couldn't cuss maaannn
I had a down ass homie thou

We ran the streets on the scene at the age of fourteen
I packed a nine and my nigga packed a forty-five
We drinkin' forties, real shorties livin' all the lies
You couldn't stop us
who cares ?
i got my glock
FUCK the coppers
Hangin on the block
slangin' rocks and makin' propers

I couldn't Fuck with the schhhoooollll life
I was a fool
I'll play that mutha fucka for a toooollll man
Tonight will be the night that's what we figurin'
Hustlin in the rain felt no pain cuz we drinkin'
Playin' them hoes like munure
First let my nigga fuck then i fuck
that's how we do it (Ha ha ha)

It's two niggas comin up out da hood
livin lfe just as good as we could
Since a bitch can't be trusted
Hoes snitch to the police
Now my niggas busted
Cops whoopin' on my nigga in jail
tryin' to get a muthafucka to tell
and couldn't nobody diss my nigga
damn I miss my nigga

Pour out a little liqour
This goes out to all you so called G's
pour out a little liquor for real muthafuckin partners
Don't let the drink get like that y'all, Huh.
Pour out a little liqour
Pour out a little liqour
What's that you drinkin on ?
Drinkin' on Gin
smokin' on blunts and it's on
reminicin' about my niggas
that's dead n' gone

Now they burried
sometimes my eyes still get blurry
cuz I'm losin all my homies and I worry
I got my back against a brick wall
Trapped in a circle
boxin' with them suckas
'till my knuckles turn purple
Mama told me, 'son they'll be days like this'
Don't wanna think so
I hit the drink n' stay blitz
We had plans of being big time G's
Rolling in marked cars movin' them keys

Now I roll down the window
blaze up some endo
And get towed down for my niggas in the penn yo
Your son's gettin' big and strong
and i'd love'm like one of my own
Till you come homie
the years sure fly away the quickness
you doin' the time
And i'll keep handle your business

That's the way it's supposed to be
If it was me
you'd do the shit for me
I can remember
scrapin' back to back
Throwin' dogs on them suckas
while runnin' up on this young hog
I hope these words paint a perfect picture
let ya know how much ya
nigga miss ya
Pour out some little liqour
look at ya
drinkin got you and ya
don't even give respect to

your partners
Pour out some little liqour nigga
it ain't like that tip that shit over
Pour out a little liqour
Pour out a little liqour...
....Oakland still in the mutha fuckin house my nigga Richie Rich....
Pour out a little liqour


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