Fuck Murder Inc


Fuck Murder Inc.

Ja Rule:
Everyone wants to comparisons to Pac, X and me.
Yall wanna see Pac come come back, yall wanna see this shit
it?s here nigga,
its here.
And I?m taking it to the streets
to the mic,
any where yall like it

Ja Rule killer,
Murder Inc killer,
you niggaz know what it is.
Irv Gotti can get dropped.
You niggaz don?t wanna stop us.
Ja rule killer.
Yall niggaz want to mother fucking wanna bees niggaz
. Please, turn it up please.
I give a fuck what niggaz nail.
I?m tired of these boring niggaz claming to be Makavelli.
Ja Rule killer.
How you mother fucker get a way with that.
Rapping on Pac beats even though you wack.
It?s a fact.
and then you let masoona, was a thug on you label as a new beat crewer.
Ivr Gotti got a 40 glock for your body
. Kidnap your ass and take ya to a gangsta party.
So you can stand,
cuz you aint never been there.
And the last thing you wanna do is to become a declare.
I whop that ass so you don?t flaunt no more.
J S scar beat and promote your whore.
And probably more then one bitch.
I?m working them all.
Every murder Inc bird you call.
And I myd as well mention Jigga.
Jacking me and thugs,you bitch ass nigga.
And thug us call.
Now you got to crawl,
trying to fool mother fucker like you whopped us all.
Walking next to me,
you niggaz can?t flex with me.
Your crew stinks like Ja Rule fucked on Ecstasy.
I love bringing drama to all your fucking mama
and shit you can?t tell and shit you can?t trick out yea melon


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