That's How I Know

14 Bis

My friends, ask me
When it comes to givin' you my heart
How can i be sure?
'cause they see
How fast we
Filled up all the empty parts in my soul and yours

When i answer it erases thier doubts
'cause the truth comes out

When i'm miles away
And i still feel your touch
When i make mistakes
When you're in my arms
And no one gives up
When you're in my arms
Baby you're still not close enough
That's how i know it's love
It's love

Just like they are
I'm amazed i found someone made just for me
Oooo your love so far
Tell me i would be a fool not to believe
That i've been given a gift in this life
I must have done something right

Now i know what forever's for
Each day i want you more


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