Rollerblade zero

14 Bis

you said they were your lifelong passion
you bought them in the height of fashion
went to Argos just like your friends
looked to see the most you could spend
one girl was different on your street
she bought a skateboard from Concrete
everyone laughed, skateboards are out
she didn't belong to the rollerblade crowd

no rollerblade zero

four little wheels all in a row
strap 'em up and you're ready to go
she didn't listen, she just ignored
her only friend was her hook-ups board
she can use it even when her feet grow
she loves skating it's not just for show
until there becomes a new street trend
her rollerblade hell will never end

no rollerblade zero

the wise men say, hey
that fashion comes and fashion fades
why don't they say, hey there's no room
for your rollerblades

no rollerblade zero

the wise men say...

okay, okay, yes fashion comes and fashion fades
but please refrain from wearing your rollerblades
okay, okay, yes, fashion comes and fashion fades
please remove all traces of your rollerblades

no...rollerblade zero...


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